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    Nov, 2023

    Qtec Fire News: Revolutionizing Rail Safety with VDAS Compact System

    QTEC Fire Services, for non-disclosure reasons, cannot name the parties in this following article, but we can talk about our success, and it is also the success of our dealer in the country involved. Our VDAS Compact system was used to complete a major contract with an overseas Government Rail Network within excess of a 150 x 16/20LOP compact systems installed and commissioned. With the upgrading and complete change out of a competitor’s system on that country’s rail network, the Qtec Fire Services Compact VDAS […]

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    Jul, 2023

    QTEC Fire Services Expands Global Reach with New Dealers in Key Regions

    QTEC Fire Services, a leading provider of high-performance fire equipment, has successfully expanded its presence in the global market with the addition of new dealers in Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and South America. Over the past twelve months, these dealers have emerged as significant players in their respective countries, contributing to QTEC Fire Services’ growth and establishing the company as a prominent player in the international fire industry for mobile plants and equipment. The success of QTEC Fire Services in the Australian market, […]

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    Apr, 2022

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    Aug, 2021

    Qtec Fire Services opens warehouse & employs a BDM for WA