QTEC Fire Services, a leading provider of high-performance fire equipment, has successfully expanded its presence in the global market with the addition of new dealers in Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and South America. Over the past twelve months, these dealers have emerged as significant players in their respective countries, contributing to QTEC Fire Services’ growth and establishing the company as a prominent player in the international fire industry for mobile plants and equipment.

The success of QTEC Fire Services in the Australian market, including the mining industry, stands as a testament to its commitment to delivering quality products. The company’s Brisbane facility manufactures a diverse range of low-pressure foam spray systems, offering systems ranging from 10/12 Litre up to 80/106 Litre with various tank numbers and sizes. These VDAS foam spray systems can be operated pneumatically, electrically, or through a combination of both, providing flexibility to cater to diverse operational needs.

With this comprehensive range of systems, QTEC Fire Services’ dealers operate across multiple industries worldwide, including mining, forestry, transport, container handling, railway, and defense. Notably, one of its’ recent dealers has completed over 180 installations across their country’s entire rail network, with ongoing servicing commitments. Furthermore, plans are underway for more than 100 additional installations within the next two years. The excellence exhibited in support, installation, design, and operational performance by these dealers has played a crucial role in their remarkable achievements.

QTEC Fire Services extends its best wishes to all its dealers around the globe, expressing gratitude for their continuous support of their Australian Made products. With a strong foundation and an expanding network of dedicated partners, QTEC Fire Services remains committed to delivering innovative fire solutions and maintaining its reputation as a trusted industry leader.


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