QTEC Fire Services, for non-disclosure reasons, cannot name the parties in this following article, but we can talk about our success, and it is also the success of our dealer in the country involved.

Our VDAS Compact system was used to complete a major contract with an overseas Government Rail Network within excess of a 150 x 16/20LOP compact systems installed and commissioned. With the upgrading and complete change out of a competitor’s system on that country’s rail network, the Qtec Fire Services Compact VDAS system ticks all the boxes.

After three years of failures and rail network closures to cope with the competitor’s system failures, Qtec Fire Services was given the opportunity to provide effective solutions. From that door opening, the VDAS Compact System has now claimed its biggest and best success story to date since its launch back in 2019.

The VDAS Compact System has been a remarkable product for our dealers worldwide, as have Qtec Fire Services systems with both LOP and ROP low-pressure foam spray systems. It’s truly the only low-pressure foam spray system available worldwide and holds a major certificate of conformance.

The system proved itself with a 3-month test trial for faults and shutdowns of the rail network, of which none were recorded. That resulted in the awarding of a national contract to our dealer and a large increase in our production to meet the time restraints on the contract.

As usual, the dealer performed outstandingly and the Qtec Fire Services VDAS Compact system changed the attitudes and mindsets of engineers and technicians alike. To date, with the VDAS Compact system now being sold and installed worldwide, we are looking at increased production and new markets.

We have an EV version available or both our Standard VDAS and Compact VDAS systems. We have several systems installed on various battery-powered equipment in the mining industry to date. The future for our foam spray systems looks very good, with three years of immense growth and expansion for our company, Qtec Fire Services.

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