Fire Suppression System Installation Near Me in Burra

For the Brisbane area, Qtec Fire Services installs our fire suppression systems at the local OEMs for all brands of equipment. We also have a local dealer network we work that helps us maintain our busy installation schedules and keep the OEM’s schedules on track. For customers in the Brisbane area, we also look to work closely with them and our dealers to provide the best OEM style fire suppression system installation possible on their equipment. For fire equipment installation work required to be completed anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, or Overseas, we have a dealer network that we can provide our customers with the knowledge that the work can be committed to Qtec Fire Services and will be warranted and completed under our control or if the customer wants to deal directly with the dealer in the area.


Our Quality Fire Suppression System Installation

Our network dealers work closely with Qtec Fire Services to ensure all fire suppression installations are executed to our OEM requirements and client expectations. We also provide installations exclusively for AS5062 compliant fire suppression systems.

As a fire suppression manufacturer and supplier, Qtec Fire Services provides high-quality fire suppression system installations near you in Coolgardie and other regions in Australia. We employ a team of experienced engineers and technicians who can arrange fire equipment installation in Leinster and other areas as quickly and efficiently as possible. Furthermore, we provide fire suppression training for staff in various industries and companies in Tom Price and beyond.

Fire Suppression System Installation Cost

If you’ve been considering installing fire safety equipment in your business but have been wondering about the fire suppression system installation costs, it’s time to contact the team at Qtec. We offer a free quote on our fire suppression systems. Our team will work with you to find out which system would be best for your needs.

Benefit from our fire suppression system installations near you in Karratha and other regions in Australia. Get your obligation free quote today by calling our professionals on +61 7 3711 7544 or sending an email to